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electric vehicle (EV)

An electric vehicle(EV) is a vehicle with an electric motor as the drive unit. The electric motor can draw the necessary energy from a special power grid such as the traction power grid, from batteries, from solar cells, from internal combustion engines with generators, or from fuel cells.

As for the current association with the term electric vehicle, electric vehicles are electric cars with rechargeable batteries, Battery Electric Vehicle( BEV). In addition to this group of pure electric vehicles, there are various hybrid electric vehicle( HEV) concepts that combine an electric motor with an internal combustion engine. And also those in which the combustion engine is used to charge the battery. These are the range-extended electric vehicles(REEVs). And then there are electric vehicles that use a fuel cell instead of a rechargeable battery to generate the electrical energy. This group is called Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle( FCEV).

Concepts for electric vehicles

Concepts for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles differ in battery-powered driving performance. The total driving performance is mainly determined by the battery capacity of the traction batteries and the total weight of the vehicle. Since the battery has a large weight share, an economic compromise must be found between the battery capacity and the associated range and the battery weight.

Looking at the different vehicle designs of electric cars, we can see that the battery capacity of compact cars ranges from about 20 kWh to 40 kWh, and the range is between 150 km and 300 km. Since sedans are heavier, we can assume a doubling of the battery capacity. They have values between 60 kWh and 150 kWh. And as far as SUVs are concerned, these are mostly hybrid electric vehicles whose batteries are only designed for short distances of about 30 km.

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