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main distribution frame (MDF)

The term main distribution frame(HV), Main Distribution Frame (MDF), occurs in structured cabling and local exchanges. Main Distribution Frames form the central distribution point for online and telecommunications services.

  1. In structured cabling, the main distribution frame (HV) is the site distribution frame(SV), also known as the campus distribution frame( CD), which provides the connection to the building distribution frames to which the floor distribution frames are connected. In enterprise networks, the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or Master Distribution Frame (MDF) may contain routers and switches. In terms of the networking hierarchy, it forms the central distribution point and is connected in a star configuration to the Intermediate Distribution Frames (IMF).
  2. The Main Distribution Frame (MDF) is the central distribution point of online services such as Internet television or Internet telephony and is also referred to as the Point of Presence( POP). Main Distribution Frames consist of multiple racks housed in separate distribution rooms and contain Layer 3 switches, routers, and Internet and telephony equipment. They are used to make connections between the E1 and E3 lines to the Internet backbone.
  3. In the local exchange, the main distribution frame (HVt) is the point where the main cable leads to the cable branches. The access network and the last mile begin at this point.
    Main distribution frame with attached subscriber lines, photo:

    Main distribution frame with attached subscriber lines, photo:

    In terms of structure, main distribution frames are matrix-shaped connection fields on which the incoming copper twisted pairs, which are routed from the customer via the cable branch, are connected to the network-side connections. The network-side connections can be telephone ports or network-side splitters.
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