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configuration (CFG)

The term configuration is used in a wide variety of contexts, but predominantly in computer hardware andsoftware as well as in application and network technology. It always refers to settings and tuning of components, devices and programs in relation to the application.

  1. From the application point of view, configurations are user-specific options of computers, programs or networks. For optimal user-friendliness, the operating parameters in most systems, computers and networks can be preset and also changed as required.
  2. Hardware configuration is about the interoperability of the individual components of a computer. PC configuration ensures that the individual components work together without interfering with each other. Appropriate configuration refers to the choice of motherboard, graphics card, hard disk, interfaces and connected peripherals.
  3. Software configuration ensures that the individual software components work properly with each other, so that the peripheral devices support the required file formats and display formats. If no support is guaranteed, subroutines or drivers must ensure this.
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