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enterprise content management system (ECMS)

An enterprise content management system (ECMS) is a management system that combines the various content management systems( CMS) for web activities and document management. These include Web Content Management Systems( WCMS), Document Management Systems( DMS) and the DigitalAsset Management Systems( DAMS).

ECM systems cover all of these areas. ECM systems are used to capture, manage, store, archive and output sensitive company data. Data capture is about the various media on which data is delivered, scans and optical character recognition( OCR), structural information of files, file formats and conversion options, forms and documents. Data management is about some of the management systems already mentioned, about the database and retrieval of data, about rights assignment and full text searches in the various file formats. It is about a user-friendly interface with interfaces to other application programs, networks and status reports. More extensive requirements apply to web content management systems and to archiving and long-term storage.

Functionalities of an ECM system

Functionalities of an ECM system

Data storage places demands on the storage technology, the storage type and the storage location, and thus on the file systems, the content management system, the database and the data warehouse. The retrieval of data, the offline storage used and ensuring that the data can be used unchanged and without errors even in long-term storage are further requirements for the storage and archiving systems.

ECMS systems have the advantage that the maintenance of user profiles, administration, updating and placing of data stocks in repositories is only carried out once. In addition, users only work on one user interface, which makes it easier to search for content.

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