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design web format (vector) (DWF)

The Design Web Format (DWF) was first released in 1995 as an Internet plug-in from the software provider Autodesk. Under the name "WHIP!" DWF files could be generated directly from AutoCAD. The "D" in DWF initially stood for "Drawing", later it became "Design".

Today, all Autodesk software solutions generate DWF files, and numerous third-party applications also use this file format.

With the DWF file format - file extension *.dwf - 2D/3D CAD files with drawings, designs and plans can be distributed and exchanged multilaterally, quickly and interactively. The files from AutoCAD are compressed down to 1/20. However, as an open file format, DWF does not replace native AutoCAD formats such as Drawing( DWG).

DWF is suitable for sending large amounts of data, for exchange via the Internet or e-mail with other project participants ( collaboration) or for immediate printing while retaining the intact original drawings. Numerous encryption features, password protection and layer control protect against unwanted changes. DWF also offers the option of selecting information or displaying only certain content.

To view DWF files without CAD software installed, Autodesk has viewer applications available directly in the program or free for download that can be used to easily open, view, edit, annotate and track DWFs. Freeware from other manufacturers is also available.

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