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A project is a one-time undertaking whose objectives are realized within a defined time frame. The German Institute for Standardization e.V.(DIN) has defined the term project, its tasks, objectives and implementation in DIN standard 69901.

Projects have a clear objective, they are fixed by fixed times for the start of the project, by the project duration and the completion time. The tasks and performance of a project are cross-organizational and are subject to a specific procedure in which several departments and employees of the company, external consultants and suppliers may be involved. When it is a project or a process is essentially determined by the project size, which is reflected in the project duration and is specified in man-hours or man-days.

Around a project there are various activities that are undertaken by the project management, the project manager or the employees involved in the project. These activities and tasks include the project definition and the project design, estimation of the effort, the network planning technique with the creation of the network plan, the requirementsspecification and the specifications, document management, change management and quality management, to name just a few.

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