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drawing (DWG)

Drawing (DWG) is a design data format and graphics technology from Autodesk. It is suitable for drawing, shaping, rendering, annotating and measuring. Since the DWG file format is implemented in most of Autodesk's application programs, it is considered the native data format of the AutoCAD CAD software.

At the same time, "*.dwg" is the name extension for two- and three-dimensional drawing files. It contains information entered by the user, for example design data, geometry data, images or maps.

Autodesk launched DWG in 1982 along with the first AutoCAD. With each subsequent release, the file format was adapted and expanded.

A limited compatibility from DWG/AutoCAD 2000 to previous versions, one meets either in DXF format (Drawing Interchange Format) or with converters. These are viewers - mostly available as freeware for download - that use the same display engine as AutoCAD, but the design software does not necessarily have to be installed. *.dwg or *.dxf files created with software from this manufacturer can be displayed and printed, and changes can be tracked or converted into PDFs. In particular, older DWG files can be easily converted to the new formats - or vice versa.

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