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description language (DL)

Ininformation technology, description languages (DL) are special programming languages used to describe the components and their relationships within a task.

Description languages, also known as markup languages, exist for a wide variety of applications: for describing the structure, layout, pagination, and logical content of pages and documents, as supported by the Page Description Language( PDL) and the Document Description Language( DDL), as well as for developing electronic and logical circuits, for metrological and systems engineering tasks, for describing interfaces to peripheral devices, and for many other applications. Well-known examples of description languages are the Printer Command Language( PCL) for printer control, the page description languagePostscript, the meta language Unified Modelling Language( UML) and the markup languages XML and HTML.

Description languages are text-oriented and therefore readable, but inevitably not interpretable because they use special characters. Depending on the application, they have their own syntax and semantics.

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