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data lifecycle management (ILM) (DLM)

Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), the management of data during its lifecycle, is a subtopic of Information Lifecycle Management( ILM). Lifecycle management is concerned with the time it takes for data or information to go from creation, through maintenance, use, and archiving, to the point where it becomes obsolete and is removed or deleted.

DLM management stores information in an optimal repository based on its importance and frequency of use. It takes into account that data that is frequently accessed is stored on primary storage with short access times, while data of little importance is stored on inexpensive secondary storage with longer access times. Through this concept, DLM management reduces the total cost of ownership while ensuring optimal data provisioning service.

The DLM concept should make all data available to the user online or offline at specific times. These requirements can be realized via high- performance storage systems, via less expensive solutions with SATA or via hierarchical storage management( HSM).

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