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storage management

Data-intensive applications such as customer relationship management( CRM), e-business, e-mails and database applications cause the volume of data in companies to increase extensively, which necessitates an increase in storage capacity. These storage capacities and storage systems need to be managed. Due to the various points of contact between storage systems and other systems and networks, management goes far beyond the tasks ofbackup and recovery.

Storage management encompasses the tasks of backup, problem and change management. In backup management, the aspects of incremental and differential storage must be included as well as online storage or mirroring. In change management, the configurations of the storage units and the tracking of configuration changes play the essential role.

Levels and modules of a storage concept

Levels and modules of a storage concept

Other storage management tasks include dynamic allocation, capacity planning and structuring of data archives.

With Information Lifecycle Management( ILM), storage management experiences an option-rich solution approach in which attributes are assigned to the individual pieces of information.

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