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The term repository generally stands for storage location or container. Insoftware technology, it is a central repository in which digital data, documents, objects and programs are managed with their metadata.

Depending on the type, a repository is a software repository for managing software programs, a metadata repository for managing metadata, a version repository for version management or other repositories. Repositories are used in document management and content management, as well as in version control( CVS). Content is tagged with metadata.

Repositories are carefully compiled by program providers and equipped with information about the version and cooperation with other programs, so that they can be retrieved in the correct format in case of requests. In addition to the actual data, the various versions, conceptions and their developments are also stored in the repository, which means that all stored software modules are stored with all their information. Authorized authors and users can access and change the data and documents stored in repositories. By the version management and information maintenance it is guaranteed that only programs are installed on computers, which function smoothly with the already installed programs, whereby fewer errors result with the installation of programs.

In software engineering, the repository is a central location for program files where the various versions are stored. The user can access all reusable program modules and thus reduce development times for programs. In addition to the documentation of the software, the software developer can access the function description, the interface specifications and the program code.

The structure of the repository corresponds to a tree structure with trunk, branches and tags. The trunk contains the current version of a software project with the source code, the branches are used by the software developers to store program changes, and the tags are used to store the different program versions.

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