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data distribution service (IoT) (DDS)

With the Data Distribution Service(DDS), the Object Management Group( OMG) has specified a standard for the Internet of Things( IoT) that unifies device data in a wide variety of data formats.

Through this standardization, data and protocols from different devices, machines and systems can be processed in edge components and used for data exchange in real time.

The Data Distribution Service (DDS) thus forms a platform for data distribution and protocol conversion in real time. Data distribution is performed using the RTPS protocol, Realtime Publish Subscribe (RTPS), which supports the publish-subscribe method used in the DDS service. In terms of application protocols, the Internet of Things is about industrial bus protocols such as Modbus, smart grid protocols such as Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3), network management protocols such as Simple Network Management Protocol( SNMP), web transfer protocols such as Constrained Application Protocol( CoAP), telemetry data transport such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport( MQTT), and various other network prot ocols and transport protocols such as TCP protocol and UDP protocol.

The basis of the DDS protocol is a data-centric publish-subscribe method that also uses the MQTT protocol, but with the difference that the DDS service operates without a central broker. Large amounts of data are exchanged asynchronously in real time via the DDS service. The DDS service is also integrated into the Autosar architecture.

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