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realtime publish subscribe protocol (Modbus) (RTPS)

The RTPS protocol, Realtime Publish Subscribe (RTPS), comes from industrial automation and is also used in Realtime Industrial Ethernet.

The RTPS protocol meets the requirements of data distribution systems such as the DDS service and other distribution services that use the publish-subscribe method. There is a synergy between the Data Distribution Service (DDS) and the RTPS protocol, both in terms of the underlying behavioral architecture and the characteristics of RTPS. The RTPS protocol is designed to support multicast and the connectionless UDP protocol.

To provide a reliable publish-subscribe method for real-time applications over IP networks, the RTPS protocol supports Quality of Services( QoS). In addition, RTPS can be extended to support new services without compromising interoperability. It offers scalability, configurability, and plug-and-play.

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