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country code (cc)

The term country code (cc) is used in the Domain NameSystem( DNS) and in the international account number. It is a code defined by the International Standards Organization( ISO) under ISO 3166-1, in which countries are identified by a combination of letters. The country code has been adopted in Europe under DINEN ISO 3166-1.

However, the term country code or region code is also used in copy protection, but it is a continental assignment by digits.

European countries from the ISO country code

European countries from the ISO country code

  1. In the DNS system, the country code standardized by ISO is used in the Country Code Top Level Domain( ccTLD) for geographical identification.
  2. In the international bank account number( IBAN), the country code is used for the country identifier. It was defined by the ISO and consists of two letters preceding the Bank Identifier Code( BIC). For Germany it is the letters" DE", for Great Britain" GB".
  3. In barcodes, a country code is often written in front of the manufacturer code, as in the case of the European Article Number( EAN). The country code is assigned by Global Standard One( GS1) and is a multi- digit sequence of numbers. For Germany, the digits 400 to 440 represent the country code and are entered as the first bar code. For the USA and Canada, the EAN code consists of the digits 00 to 13.
  4. For market reasons and copy protection, DVDs are given a country code that clearly identifies the country of origin. The country code ensures that DVDs can only be played in the countries from which the DVD and also the DVD drive originate. If the codes do not match, playback is not possible. However, there are no requirements that make the use of the country code mandatory. The country code printed on the packaging consists of a byte on the DVD that is scanned by the DVD drive and compared with the implemented country code. However, the consumer can change the country code several times. The following country codes are defined:
    Country code for DVDsCode

    Country code for DVDsCode

    1: The United States and different territories of the United States outside the borders of the United States and Canada. Code 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East up to and including EgyptCode 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia, including Hong Kong. Code4: Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America and the CaribbeanCode 5: The CIS countries including all other former members of the Soviet Republic, India, Africa, North Korea and MongoliaCode 6: China. Code7: ReservedCode 8: Special international meeting places such as airlines, cruise ships, etc. There is also no country coding for DVD-ROMs or DVD-Audios.
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