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content based routing (CBR)

In many business applications, the conditions of a message must be defined so that it can be routed to the appropriate network components. This function is performed by Content Based Routing ( CBR), whichchecksmessages for certain conditions and then defines the route in networks or in the Enterprise Service Bus( ESB).

Such a determination might be, "If the message has the word turnover in it, then it must be routed to client XY."

In the ESB architecture, information is transmitted as data packets and stored as messages, which are then addressed and sent to the endpoints, clients and services. However, if an address is no longer valid, the service cannot reach its destination address or is rejected. What should be done with such a message?

Content-Based Routing (CBR)

Content-Based Routing (CBR)

For these cases, Content Based Routing derives the endpoint intended for this message from the message content without using the specified endpoint reference. Content Based Routing opens the message content, examines it for specific information, and routes it according to specified rules. This means that the sending application does not necessarily need to know the destination for the message.

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