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enterprise service bus (ESB)

An enterprise service bus(ESB) is an approach to a basic integration architecture that goes beyond the scope of enterprise application integration( EAI). Such an architecture is service-oriented and is used for communication between different back-end systems and business services.

The ESB bus is designed for high and secure data exchange for a large number of services and users. As central middleware, the bus topology connects security-related applications with endpoint management and business process management( BPM). The network components belonging to the ESB architecture are grouped around the enterprise service bus. For application integration, the ESB architecture must build on standards and provide communication via the Java Messaging Service( JMS) or other Message Oriented Middleware( MOM).

ESB architecture with different backend systems and business services

ESB architecture with different backend systems and business services

Furthermore, connectivity with Web services, Java Messaging Service and other MOM services and functions for mediation between services such as transformation ofXML and SOAP messages, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), are required.

In ESB architecture communication, systems are supposed to interact when exchanging messages over a network. This is done in the ESB architecture via the Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), which forms the bus and over which message exchange runs via standard protocols.

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