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cloud services platform (CSP)

A Content Services Platform (CSP) is cloud-basedsoftware that enables users to create, share, and store text, audio, and video. As a cloud-based solution, content services are delivered as software as a service( SaaS).

Content services platforms are defined by their services and microservices and can be installed either as a product suite or as separate applications with common programming interfaces and repositories. The content services platform (CSP) has emerged from enterprise content management( ECM) as applications have increasingly shifted from proprietary, monolithic systems to modular open source services. Corresponding services can be purchased on an as-needed basis and managed through the service level agreements (SLAs) of a cloud service provider (CSP).

Through the Cloud Services Platform, organizations can manage a wide variety of structured and unstructured information, media and content. Data can be stored once and then linked via APIs so that different servers do not store the same content. The CSP platform forms the sole repository for the data sets. Furthermore, previous versions of the datasets can be accessed. Multimedia objects can be managed with their metadata, edited and made available to authorized users. The functionality includes content search and object recognition. Further functions can be added at any time.

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