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car to car communication consortium (C2C CC)

The Car to Car Communication Consortium(C2CCC) is an association of six major European automotive manufacturers. C2C CC develops open industry standards for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, Car to Car Communication (C2C), and for vehicle-to- infrastructure communication, Car to Infrastructure Communication( C2I).

The C2C consortium operates the standardization at the application level and the transmission of the message content for C2C communication. This includes warnings sent by Intelligent Roadside Stations( IRS) or traffic control centers. In addition, the Car to Car Communication Consortium is concerned with the efficiency of intelligent transport systems, Intelligent Transport System( ITS), road safety and the adaptation of standards for Car-to-X communication( C2X), Car to Everything.

C2C CC has taken care of the allocation of radio frequencies for C2C applications, as well as the development of corresponding transmission and reception systems. The European Union has cleared the microwave range between 5.875 GHz and 5.905 GHz for C2C applications.

The basis for such car-to-car radio systems are WLANs according to 802.11p, which are designed for short distances. If a vehicle is in the radio range of a WLAN from another vehicle, it can automatically establish a WLAN with this vehicle. At the same time, a vehicle forms the WLAN router and can send messages from other vehicles to vehicles further away.

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