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business technology (BT)

Business technology is characterized by the increasing use of information technology to solve business activities. Business technology is about the high level of trust in information technology used in all business areas of companies.

Technologically, business technology is about the hardware and software used, about communication over a wide variety of networks, over company-owned local area networks( LAN), over wide area networks(WAN) and mobile networks, and over the Internet. It is about the external presentation on the Internet as well as the use of services that support the company's needs or where the company's data can be stored.

In terms of hardware, the stationary workplace consists of a networked desktop with its various peripherals. The increasing mobility is reflected in mobile computing with laptop and notebook as well as the smartphone and the tablet PC. Depending on the concept, one company or another relies on employees' computers with Bring your own Device( ByoD) or Bring your own Computer (ByoC).

In terms of software, it is a question of the operating systems and application programs used for bookkeeping, word processing, spreadsheets or presentations. In addition, it is about the use of external cloud services such as Business as a Service( BaaS) where the complete business processes are provided from the cloud. This service includes the exchange of goods and services, accelerates inquiry, procurement, development, manufacturing and market coverage, and improves the quality of products and the company's value chain.

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