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advanced high-performance bus (ARM) (AHB)

The Advanced High-Performance Bus (AHB) is a powerful bus system from the AMBA architecture, Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA), which supports several master stations as a high-speed bus.

The bus width of the AHB bus is 64/128 bits, and the transaction mechanisms are limited to a few clocks. The AHB bus is an extension of the Advanced System Bus( ASB), but has some additional features such as split transactions, a high clock rate clock system, a wider bus width, and single clock operation.

Example of an AMBA-based system

Example of an AMBA-based system

The AHB bus supports basic transfer, burst operation, address decoding, arbitration, split transfer, pipeline operation, various transfer types and can work with multiple bus masters. It is used in network-on-chips( NoC), among other applications. The AHB bus requires only two clocks for transactions. In the first clock, the address phase, the target device is determined via the address. In the second clock cycle, the data phase, the data is transmitted.

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