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advanced driver assistance system (automotive) (ADAS)

Forward-looking Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) systems include the functions of driver monitoring systems to monitor the driver's attention, they increase vehicle safety and ensure efficient fuel consumption. For example, ADAS systems can make split- second decisions about the driving situation and alert the driver visually, acoustically or haptically. In extreme cases, they can intervene in the driving process themselves.

ADAS systems work with many different types of information, which they extract from the traffic situation, monitoring functions and vehicle data. ADAS support is already standard equipment in many vehicles. This includes current environmental data from cameras, short-range radars and long-range radars, and from many sensors, as well as data from the GPS system, with the support of which the exact vehicle position and the further course of the road can be determined. The driver is informed about which uphill and downhill gradients, dangerous curves, intersections and junctions await him on the road.

Driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systems

ADAS systems also include lane detection systems, which recognize lanes and lane boundaries, especially under poor weather and visibility conditions, and signal to the driver any deviations from his lane. Predictive headlights, which are headlights that follow the steering angle, and the adapted cruise control, Adaptive Cruise Control( ACC), are other ADAS systems. The latter work with distance sensors and automatically adjust driving speed to the flow of traffic.

All these assistance systems generate a high flood of data that has to be transmitted and processed in real time and is binding for automated driving as defined by SAE in the SAE levels.

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