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access router (AR)

In general, access routers( AR) are functional units that connect outdoor facilities to a larger network, a corporate network or the Internet.

  1. In corporate communications, access routers connect field office workstations or even those of customers to the corporate network or Internet Service Provider( ISP) with high functionality. Such an access router supports the functionalities for security, encryption and authentication, as well as accounting or tunneling. The AR palette ranges from firewall to VPN and CTI applications. Tunneling protocols such as Layer 2 Transport Protocol( L2TP) are supported as well as security protocols such as Point to Point Tunneling Protocol( PPTP).
  2. In Car to Infrastructure Communication( C2I), there is a conceptual approach in which access routers establish the connection between the Roadside Units( RSU) and also that to the access network or the Internet.
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