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IEEE 10Base-T1

10Base-T1 is an Ethernet interface for 10 Mbit/s that uses single-pair STP cable. The concept is Single-Pair Ethernet( SPE) and is used in automotive Ethernet and industrial automation.

SPE connector and single-pair twisted-pair cable, Photo: Harting

SPE connector and single-pair twisted-pair cable, Photo: Harting

10Base-T1 is specified by the IEEE working group802.3cg and uses a single twisted pair of wires as the transmission medium over which the transmit and receive signals are transmitted in full duplex. In addition, the supply voltage for powered devices( PD) such as sensors, actuators, card readers and the like can also be routed via the wire pair. Power over Data Lines( PoDL) is available for this purpose and up to 50 W can be transmitted via it.

The data rate supported by 10Base-T1 is 10 Mbit/s, and the bridgeable distance is 1,000 m. The SPE cabling consists of a symmetrically shielded pair of wires with a bandwidth of 20 MHz.

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