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CS optical connector.(VSFF)

The CS connector is a duplex FO connector in an extremely compact design. It belongs to the VSFF connectors with a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF), which also include the MDC connector and the SN connector.

The VSFF connectors have the advantage that they can be used to significantly increase the connection density in data centers. Compared to LC connectors, which belongs to the SFF connectors, Small Form Factor (SFF), the port density can be doubled.

VSFF connector: CS connector (left) and MDC connector, photo: connectcom

VSFF connector: CS connector (left) and MDC connector, photo: connectcom

In terms of size, the LC connector occupies an area of 11 mm x 13 mm and the CS connector occupies an area of 5.3 mm x 7.8 mm. The two optical fibers are guided in a ceramic ferrule with a diameter of 1.25 mm and a spacing of 3.8 mm. The CS connector can be stacked extremely tightly, which helps to increase the connection density.

The CS connector was developed for 200 Gigabit Ethernet( 200GbE) and 400 Gigabit Ethernet( 400GbE). Compared to the classic LC connectors, it is characterized by good insertion loss and return loss.

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