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200 gigabit Ethernet (200GbE)

200 Gigabit Ethernet (200GbE) belongs to Terabit Ethernet, as does 400GbE. It is being developed by the IEEE802.3bs project group. The 200GbE concept is aimed at use in data centers, but it can also be used in an optical transport network( OTN). In addition, the data rate can be used to transmit ultra HDTV over the Internet.

Like all Ethernet standards with data rates above 10 Gbps, 200GbE supports only full- duplex operation while maintaining the Ethernet frame. Similarly, the minimum and maximum frame lengths are maintained. The bit error rate is specified as `10^-13`.

200GbE interfaces

200GbE interfaces

Transmission-wise, 200GbE relies on optical fibers, both multimode and single- mode. The CWDM method is used for wavelength division multiplexing. The possible distance ranges are between 100 m with multimode fibers and from 2 km and 10 km with monomode fibers. The bridgeable distance with single mode fibers depends on the OS class. The interfaces are implemented in transceiver modules: InCFP modules and QSFP modules in a wide variety of designs.

The following interfaces, among others, are available for 200GbE interfaces: 200GBase-CR4 with four lanes of twinaxial cable consisting of eight coaxial wire pairs. The bridgeable distance is 3 m. Another 200GbE interface is 200GBase-KR4 for backplanes. The insertion loss is less than 30 dB at a frequency of 13.28125 GHz. And as a third 200GbE interface, there is 200GBase-SR4 over eight multimode fibers. The bridgeable distance is 100 m.

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