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With the standard 1288, the European Machine Vision Association( EMVA) has developed a set of tools for the objective evaluation of image sensors. The aim of this standard is to limit the diversity in the evaluation possibilities of image sensors and to enable objective comparisons between the different CCD and CMOS sensors. The EMVA 1288 standard enables an objective, application-related selection of image sensors.

The basic concept of the 1288 standard takes into account that it is an open standard, usable by everyone, in which only the measurement methods are specified, not the measurement devices. 1288 targets only the optical properties of the image sensor, not the optics, the camera housing or the illumination aspects. For this purpose, a universal, linear camera model was developed with which the most important image sensor parameters can be determined.

The measurements themselves are concerned with irradiance as a function of the brightness generated by the image sensor as an electron current, with the linearity of the dependencies between irradiance and dark currents, and with gain factors. The signal-to- noise ratio( SNR), the sensitivity and the inhomogeneities of the image sensors are measured.

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