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web based training (WBT)

Web-based training (WBT) is a type of telelearning in which the learning content is presented on the WWW.

The course participant is independent of the presentation in terms of time and location and can access it at any time from any place. Web-based information content can be presented in a wide variety of forms. In addition to text, learning content can contain graphics, photos, images, drawings, diagrams and tables. Furthermore, animations, audio and video can support the learning success and interaction is very important in learning. In addition to the didactically prepared content, navigation through the course and the contentplays

a decisive role. Another advantage is the fast updating of the content.

Comparison of Webinar, Webcast and WBT

Comparison of Webinar, Webcast and WBT

WBTs can be run on the Internet or in intranets and are displayed using a standard web browser. The usual design guidelines ( style guides) should be applied to the page design of WBT pages. These include the navigation areas and the actual content. The course content should be divided into chapters and after completion of a chapter the acquired knowledge should be tested.

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