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voice grade (VG)

Voice Grade (VG) is a classification for a communication line used in normal telephone service over which voice signals can be transmitted without noticeable degradation.

The classification is independent of the line length. The transmitted frequency range is between 300 Hz and 3.4 kHz. This frequency band has been selected to ensure intelligibility and recognizability of the subscribers.

The designation "Voice Grade" is also used for the quality of TP cables ofcategory 1, which are used in classic telephone technology and in Fast Ethernet technology according to 100Base-VG.

In addition, Ethernet in the First Mile( EFM) can work with voice-grade cables. IEEE has specified the 2Base- TL and 10Pass-TSinterfaces for this purpose. The former interface can operate at a data rate of 2 Mbps over a distance of 2.7 km. 10Pass- TS has a data rate of 10 Mbit/s and can bridge distances of 750 m.

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