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What the blogosphere is to bloggers, the vlogosphere is to vloggers. This word creation arose from the terms video and blogosphere: A video web world with video diaries in Web 2.0.

The vlogosphere is the visualized web world. The vodcasts that can be called up in it deal with the private and the personal, with the current and the strategic, with the social and the catastrophic, in short, with everything that people think about. A large part of vlogging contributes to online video journalism, as it deals with such topics that cannot be taken up by television agencies for political, legal or distance reasons.

The multiplicity of vloggers and their web entries are crucial communicative and strategic aspects for the journalistic power that vodcasts can exercise. This applies equally to activities for or against companies, to opinion-making in the political scene, to influencing elections and critical journalism. Current events of the day, catastrophes and acts of war are already being commented on by vloggers with their own information or opinions in a very short time. Thanks to strong networking, this information spreads extremely quickly worldwide via RSS feeds and Atom feeds.

The enormous possibilities and functionalities of video technology, worldwide networking and the rapid spread of RSS feeds form the basis of the vlogosphere.

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