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The blogosphere is the world of weblogs that bloggers have created for their web diaries. The blog world extends far beyond entries to weblogs and is seen equally as a journalistic and publishing concept and as a communication and marketing strategy.

The multitude of bloggers and their web entries are crucial communicative and strategic aspects for the journalistic power that web logs can exercise. This applies equally to activities for or against companies, to opinion-making in the political scene, to influencing elections, and to critical journalism. Current events of the day, catastrophes and acts of war are already being commented on by bloggers with their own information or opinions in a very short time. Thanks to the strong networking of weblogs, this information spreads extremely quickly around the world. The spread is so extremely fast not least because the blog software communicates with each other and with central services and constantly updates the directories of weblog servers, which in turn are queried by blog search engines such as Feedster. The entries into a weblog are relatively simple, and RSS feeds or Atom feeds can also be used to read content from blogs and news servers in a reader program.

Through all these possibilities and functionalities, to which also the total linking by means of permalinks, trackbacks and pingbacks contribute, a blogosphere becomes a dynamic information structure, which is to be settled somewhere between communication and publication. Characteristic for this is Web 2.0. The corresponding video-technical platform is called vlogosphere and knows vlogging and vodcasting.

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