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vlogging (vlog)

Many artificial words are created intheblogosphere, including the term vlogging or vlog, which is a combination of the terms video and blogging. It is a combined technique of video, web and log or a weblog with video.

As with the weblog, entries in the vlog occur in reverse chronology: the most recent entry appears first. In addition, vlogs combine embedded video or video links with supporting text, images, and other media. Vlogs are generally created by individuals, but they are also used in web syndication and can be distributed on the web with RSS feeds or Atom feeds and made available for download via vodcasting to stationary personal computers and handheld devices.

Vlogging is an interesting approach to visual communication that incorporates the viewer's own ideas and interpretations. Since the financial cost of creating an online video is relatively low, it can be created and used by anyone, that is the vloggers: amateurs and professionals, speakers and journalists.

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