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universal integrated chip card (USIM) (UICC)

The Universal Integrated Chip Card (UICC) is a multifunction card standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute(ETSI) for cell phones and mobile e-commerce. The UICC card provides a multi- application platform on which multiple applications can run in parallel.

The UICC card has the size of an ID1 card and serves as a SIM card or USIM card for cell phones or smartphones. It has the form factor 1 and is therefore also referred to as 1FF. Its size is 85.6 mm x 54 mm. The next smaller version in the size of the ID000 card is stamped into the SIM card as a mini SIM card. While the mini SIM card is the size of an ID000 card, the mini UICC card is only half the size at 15 mm x 12 mm and corresponds to the micro SIM card. It carries the designation 3FF, which stands for third form factor. The mini UICC cards are designed for mobile devices that do not have telephone functions. In addition to the above-mentioned cards, there is also a SIM card with dimensions of 8.8 mm x 12 mm, the nano SIM card, which has the designation 4FF.

Card formats according to ISO 7816 with the mini UICC card

Card formats according to ISO 7816 with the mini UICC card

The UICC cards are specified in the ISO 7816 standard in the physical characteristics, dimensions and electrical properties. In addition to the interchangeable UICC cards, there is also the embedded eUICC card, Embedded Universal Integrated Chip Card (eUICC), in the miniature M2M Form Factor (MFF2) format. This format is only 5 mm x 6 mm small.

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