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ISO 7816

ISO/ IEC 7816 standardizesthe contact smart card, which can be recognized by its gold contacts.

ISO 7816 is a multipart standard that describes the electrical and mechanical properties, the size, arrangement and function of the card contacts and the arrangement of any magnetic stripes, the transmission protocols for data transfer between the smart card and the terminal, the numbering systems, security aspects and much more.

ISO 7816 recognizes the following standards for contact smart cards:

ISO/IEC 7816-1 (1998) Physical characteristics of cards with contacts.

ISO/IEC 7816-2 (1999) Dimensions and location of contacts.

ISO/IEC7816-3 (1997) Specifies electrical characteristics and transmission protocols.

Card formats according to ISO 7816 with the Mini-UICC card

Card formats according to ISO 7816 with the Mini-UICC card

ISO/IEC 7816-4 (1995) Defines inter-industry commands.

ISO/IEC 7816-5 (1994/96) Numbering system and management of user identifiers.

ISO/IEC7816-6 (1996/98) List of inter-industry data elements used in Part 4 applications.

ISO/IEC 7816-7 (1999) Inter-industry commands for the structured map query language SCQL.

ISO/IEC 7816-8 (1999) Inter-industry safety-related commands.

ISO/IEC 7816-9 (2000) Additional inter-industry commands and security attributes.

ISO/IEC 7816-10 (1999) Electrical characteristics and "answer to reset" for synchronous cards.

ISO/IEC 7816-11 User verification by biometric methods

ISO/IEC7816-12 Electrical characteristics and operational processes for cards with USB interface.

ISO/IEC 7816-15 Cryptographic Information Application.

In addition to classic smart cards, telephone cards, health insurance cards and bank cards must also meet these specifications. Credit cards must also comply with EMV regulations(Eurocard, Mastercard and Visa).

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