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embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC)

The eUICC card is a further development of the SIM card. It enables users ofcell phones and smartphones to change their mobile network operator over-the-air( OTA) without replacing the SIM card.

eUICC cards differ from traditional SIM cards in that they manage SIM profiles. The cards have a minimum memory of 512 KB and are extremely small. Their dimensions are only 5 mm x 6 mm. It is only 0.9 mm thin. The format is called M2M Form Factor (MFF2). The eUICC card is permanently soldered and cannot be replaced.

eUICC cards are designed as chip-on- board( CoB) and are permanently soldered to the board in the MFF2 format. The MFF1 format has a plug-in socket. MFF2 cards cannot be exchanged and can be operated directly with a freely selectable service provider immediately after purchase. The applications can be loaded over-the-air as needed and a specific profile can be assigned to them without replacing the SIM card.

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