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subscriber connector (SC)

The SC connector, Subscriber Connector (SC), is a fiber optic connector that is characterized by its small dimensions and high packing density as a polarized push-pull connector. This fiber optic connector has a square design and can be used for multimode fibers and single mode fibers. Simplex, duplex and multiple connections can be established with the SC connector. The SC connector is standardized in the simplex version under IEC 61754-4, and in the duplex version under IEC 60874-19.

The most important characteristics of the SC connector

Typical insertion loss is 0.2 dB to 0.4 dB, return loss is 50 dB for single mode fibers and at least 40 dB for multimode fibers. If APC- ground monomode fibers are used instead of lens coupling, the return loss increases to at least 70 dB. SC connectors with Angle Polished Convex (APC) are called SC-APC connectors.

The ferrule of SC connectors can be ceramic or metal and has a diameter of 2.5 mm. The SC connector is characterized by its compactness and consistent reproducible connection quality and is designed for approximately 1,000 to 2,000 mating cycles.

SC connector and coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

SC connector and coupling. Photo: Huber + Suhner

In the duplex version, as a duplex SC connector, the SC connector is mandatory for new installations for the fiber optic subscriber line(GF- TA). Because of its reliability, the SC connector is mainly used on fiber optic connections in optical networks. It is also the standard connector for Ethernet on optical fiber and is also used in Fibre Channel( FC) and ATM applications. Other areas of application include measurement and medical technology and industry.

SC duplex connector and connection. Photo: Huber + Suhner

SC duplex connector and connection. Photo: Huber + Suhner

Due to its design, it is twist- proof and has an automatic locking mechanism, a push-pull locking mechanism that locks and unlocks by pushing and pulling on the coupling. The design complies with the IEC recommendation for SC- FCS duplex connectors for single-mode and multimode fibers; for polymer fibers, there is the SC-RJ connector.

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