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software defined perimeter (SDP)

Software Defined Perimeter(SDP) is a security framework developed by the Cloud Security Alliance( CSA) that controls access to resources by identity. The SDP approach works with a black cloud to obscure systems within the perimeter so they cannot be observed by outsiders.

Software-defined perimeters use a security approach for cyber security that minimizes network-based attacks and protects all classification levels of cloud services. Critical IT resources are placed in the black cloud, whether the resources are in the cloud, in a demilitarized zone( DMZ), on a server in a data center, or even in an application server.

Software Defined Perimeters act as an intermediary between internal applications and users, allowing access to services only when the right criteria are met. This allows organizations to determine which users have access to which applications. The process creates a non-visible image content and protects against malware, attacks and other threats, ensuring secure access to network-based services, applications and systems. Software-based perimeter mitigates network-based attacks such as DoS attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, SQL injections, or cross site scripting( XSS).

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