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signalling transfer point (IN, SS7) (STP)

The signalingtransfer point (STP) is a signaling node of SS7 signaling and forms a signaling component of an intelligent network( IN) in the CCITT/ ETSI reference architecture.

SS7 network structure with Signalling Transfer Points (STP).

SS7 network structure with Signalling Transfer Points (STP).

InSS7 networks, the Signalling Transfer Point mediates the signaling information between the Signalling End Point( SEP) and the Signalling Link( SLK) in the local network.

In the IN constellation, the Signalling Transfer Point performs the function of a high-speed switch for signaling messages. The Signalling Transfer Point (STP) routes the core Intelligent Network Application Part ( INAP) between the Service Switching Point( SSP) and the Service Control Point( SCP) through the network.

The signaling transfer point is described in ITU-T Recommendation Q.700.

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