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shared hosting

Shared hosting, also called shared web hosting or virtual hosting, stands for web hosting where multiple websites from different website owners are hosted by the same web server.

With shared hosting, usually hundreds of other websites share one server, which helps reduce costs, both in terms of server rental and maintenance, as well as administration. Since many websites have low traffic and need to access few resources, powerful web servers can easily host several hundred websites.

Shared hosting is particularly suitable for private websites as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Most web hosts already offer sufficient storage space, high data rates and email accounts that are sufficient for medium-sized businesses. Shared hosting reaches its limits when all hosted websites call on their maximum capacities. Each website has its own partition of the storage space. So that it is stored separately from other websites. The concept with dedicated servers is different, where each customer has their own server, which cannot be used by other users.

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