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The term partition is used for optical storage and hard disks. Partitioning is also used for local area networks( LAN) and databases.

  1. In the case of compact discs(CDs) and hard disks, partitions are fixed logical units that are treated as separate units by the operating systems and file systems. In the case of multisession CDs, multiple partitions are created on the blank disc. As for hard disk drives, partitions can be spread across the cylinders of a drive or across multiple drives. Partitions are designated by letters. For example, the "C" partition in Windows represents the primary hard drive of a personal computer. Partitions formatted with the File Allocation Table( FAT) are recognized by Windows, which assigns them a letter. The administrator can create, resize and delete partitions using the partition manager. Each partition appears as an individual logical disk to the operating system, which first reads the partition. Once a partition is created, it is formatted with the appropriate file system. For Windows with the NTFS file system, for removable drives with the file allocation table (FAT) and for Macintosh with HFS Plus.
  2. For LANs, partitioning is the automatic locking of disturbed LAN segments to suppress interference on other network segments; function of a repeater.
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