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In very general terms, hosting refers to a service in which program, information and computer resources are made available to users. In earlier computer architectures, the host was the central computer on which resources could be stored, processed and accessed. Today, hosting is generally associated with the Internet and web hosting.

Hosting therefore refers to services that are provided by a hosting provider or web host and can be accessed via the Internet. The service of hosting, the storage of websites, can be equally provided to private customers, small and medium-sized businesses and also large companies. It includes the storage of websites, the provision of corresponding databases, the registration ofdomain names, programs for the creation of websites and the support of the user with content management systems( CMS). To reduce costs, shared hosting is an option for private websites, where hundreds of websites are hosted by one web server.

The term hosting is also used as domain hosting for domain management, or as web hosting for providing storage space for domains and as e-mail hosting for providing e-mail services.

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