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Rootkit can be translated as a kit that reaches the source. A rootkit is a malicious software, similar to a Trojan, which poses a threat tocomputers and systems and can spy on and control them.

A rootkit can compromise a system and install its malware on the system without being detected by administrative side. It infiltrates its own processes, files and network connections and can open new backdoors. Since rootkits can be installed on the kernel as well as in the application software, to distinguish between them, they are called kernel rootkits and application rootkits. While the kernel rootkit infects the operating system kernel and adds functionality for the attacker, application rootkits do not penetrate as deeply into the system and affect application programs, such as web browsers.

Rootkits are transmitted through email attachments, image and video files, or with crafted web pages. They can be detected and prevented by virus scanners.

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