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resource interchange file format (RIFF)

Resource Interchange File Format(RIFF) is a file format for exchanging and storing multimedia data and supports the inclusion of other file formats that already exist independently of RIFF.

Like the Interchange File Format( IFF), RIFF is chunk-based, meaning that it involves nested data structures that can be subdivided into subchunks.

IFF/RIFF file structure

IFF/RIFF file structure

The RIFF format, which was developed by Microsoft and IBM and is a variation of the IFF format, can include several other formats, such as file types for video, audio, Musical Instrument Digital Interface( MIDI), bitmap, Rich Text Format( RTF) text, and other RIFF files. In the structure of IFF, the signature is specified, followed by the length field and type field. This is followed by the chunks, in which there is a signature and length field before the data field. In contrast to IFF, RIFF stores the data in the little endian format of the Intel processors.

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