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interchange file format (IFF)

The Interchange File Format (IFF) is a standardized file format( EA IFF 85 standard) for graphics, animation and audio. This file format, developed by Electronics Arts, allows data exchange between different types of programs.

The IFF format is a chunk-based file format, which means that it involves nested data structures that can be subdivided into subchunks.

IFF/RIFF file structure

IFF/RIFF file structure

The IFF format can include several other formats, such as file types for video, audio, Musical Instrument Digital Interface( MIDI), bitmap, and other Resource Interchange File Formats( RIFF). In the Interchange File Format (IFF) structure, the signature is specified, followed by the length field and type field. This is followed by the chunks in which there is a signature field and length field before the data field.

The file extension for IFF files is *.iff.

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