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precision graphics markup language (PGML)

Precision Graphics Markup Language (PGML) is a 2D graphics language developed by Adobe and submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) for standardization.

PGML uses the same model for image representation as Postscript and the PDF file format. It is built on the Extensible Markup Language(XML), combines the advantages of Postscript and the Portable Document Format (PDF), and is intended to improve the quality of web graphics and support their creation with some features.

For this purpose, PGML graphics can contain path objects, shape objects, image objects and text objects that can be used to specify colors, stroke widths, fonts, etc. Web graphics enhancements also include transparency, antialiasing, animation, and dynamic behavior. Likewise, PGML should be able to be used for precision graphics with correct fonts, colors, layouts, and compositions.

The development of PGML has been shaped by several guidelines. These include compatibility with several website creation programs. Namely, with those who create their graphics manually using text editors, those who work with scripts on the server or client side, and those who create their graphics using authoring systems. There is also the requirement for PGML scriptability, support for simple animations, and compatibility with other W3C standards.

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