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  1. For resources, transparency means that they can be accessed without revealing them and where they are implemented.
  2. Transparency of protocols means that the inner workings of the protocol remain hidden. The transmission system can thus transmit a data stream regardless of the transmission speed, code or transmission method. A distinction is made between code transparency, - no particular code is assumed -, speed transparency, - free choice of the transmission speed - time transparency, - this is the inherent delay of the network - and bit transparency - the use of arbitrary bit patterns.
  3. Data transparency is spoken of when no misinterpretation of the data as control signals is possible. Any bit or byte sequence that could be interpreted as a flag or command is modified before transmission and converted back to its original state after reception.
  4. Inlight and color theory, transparency is when a material allows light to shine through without scattering it. One transparency technique used in image processing is alpha blending.
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