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open mobile alliance (OMA)

The Open Mobile Alliance(OMA) is a committee that specifies, among other things, the allocation of rights for the protection of intellectual property, digital rights management( DRM).

The OMA committee works out copyright protection regulations with which the various media such as texts, audio or video are protected and the interoperability of services and products is guaranteed. In addition to digital rights management, the Open Mobile Alliance has defined a framework called Content Management License Administrator (CMLA) to support manufacturers and providers in the services.

Among the well-known services specified by the Open Mobile Alliance are Presence, Messaging, Multimedia Messaging Services( MMS) and Push-to-Talk over Cellular( PoC). Several organizations participate in the Open Mobile Alliance, including the WAP Forum, MMS- IOP, Synchronization Markup Language (SyncML), Wireless Village, the Location Forum, and others.

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