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Copyright is a legal right to intellectual property protection that grants the legal rights to the work to the developer(s) or author(s) of an intellectual work - which may be text, photographs, video, music, or software.

Copyright includes control over the reproduction and marketing of the protected work. Copyright specifies the content, scope and use.

The copyright can be granted for a certain period of time, but it can also be unlimited, even in the event of the author's death. Only the author of the software can dispose of it and give his consent for copies, modifications and further developments, as well as whether and in which form the software can be made available to the public.

Signs for Copyright, Copyleft and Copyfree

Signs for Copyright, Copyleft and Copyfree

Traditional copyright law provides that the work may only be used after royalties have been paid to the author. In addition, copyright law restricts the use of software from unknown developers. In addition to copyright, there is copyfree, where there is no monopoly right to the intellectual property, and copyleft with special agreements.

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