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digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management(DRM), issued by the Open Mobile Alliance(OMA), is used for copyright and intellectual property protection. It covers a wide variety of media such as text, images, graphics, audio and video. DRM management is a control system that enables the use of protected content to bechecked and only allows intended forms of use.

DRM management can be applied to compact discs(CDs), DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and to memory cards, and can prevent the misuse or copying of movies or music. The same applies to e-books. DRM management has some control tools that include the access procedure, copy protection, watermarking technique and accounting. In addition to blanket exploitation, it also allows the use of digital content for a limited period of time or quantity, it can be device-based or usage-based.

The DRM rights model defines the basic rights of the rights exploiter. These include reproduction rights, transport rights, derivative rights, and service rights. The rights of the individual rights groups can be precisely defined by attributes.

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