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intellectual property (IP)

Intellectual Property(IP) is intellectual property. It is intangible property created by human intellect. In this context, patent rights and copyrights are worth mentioning, but also trademark rights and company-specific development and production processes. Intellectual property can be found wherever man expresses his intellect in texts and language, in music and the performing arts.

In information technology, inventors of intangible goods should be able to protect and secure their legal claim with intellectual property. This is intended to ensure remuneration for the use of inventions. In addition, intellectual third-party work is also protected. This is the case for circuit technology or chip-based third-party developments. In the latter case, chip manufacturers buy construction plans from intellectual property providers. These are companies that design chip blocks, so-called IP blocks (intellectual property), for chip production.

So that not all chip circuits have to be redesigned, the IP blocks are primarily based on already proven circuits, for example for interfaces, processor cores or memory blocks. This allows the chip manufacturers themselves to concentrate on functions that differentiate them from the competition.

It is often difficult to enforce intellectual property rights, as the location of the company and the location of the server are usually decisive for the respective national jurisdiction. As a result, providers of content that is questionable in terms of copyright usually have their headquarters and servers in countries with very liberal or non-enforcing jurisdictions.

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