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near video on demand (NVoD)

Near-Video-on-Demand (NVoD) is subscription television, it is a special version of Pay-per-Channel( PPC).

As an on-demand service, the NVoD service is similar to the interactive service video-on-demand with the difference that near-video-on-demand does not allow video recorder-like functions. The NVoD video signal is broadcast simultaneously on multiple channels.



With NVoD, the video films are encoded and broadcast in multiple copies in parallel and time-shifted. For example, if a movie starts with four different start times, then four channels are required to transmit these four video copies. So the user has to wait until the next movie starts. Usage is charged on a per-video basis, with no charge for the waiting time. Transmission to the end user requires one broadband forward channel and one narrowband return channel for interaction.

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